What Guides Us

ENG strives to outpace its oil and gas industry peers by adhering to several key tenets:

ENG (Endeavor Natural Gas, LP) Focus


While ENG operates wells throughout Texas and Louisiana, we concentrate only on select geologic basins at any given time.

We study the rocks, do our homework, and apply the latest technologies to efficiently extract the oil and gas.

ENG (Endeavor Natural Gas, LP) Operations 2


We strive to use the most efficient, cost effective solutions wherever we operate.

We don’t cut corners and are committed to a safe and environmentally responsible work environment.

ENG (Endeavor Natural Gas, LP) Relationships


We work with landowners and other stakeholders, doing what we can to minimize the surface impact wherever we operate.

We understand that service providers are our partners, and strive to maintain long-term relationships with those that provide exceptional service.

ENG (Endeavor Natural Gas, LP) Hard Work

Hard Work

At ENG we know that getting a job done right requires hard work. We stay on the job as long as needed and are used to getting our hands dirty.

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1201 Louisiana, Suite 3350
Houston, Texas 77002

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